Public business law

LUSSAN is very active in the public sector law.

It works closely on the issues affecting public procurement, public service contracts, the use of public facilities and carrying on regulated business activities.

It also addresses the questions surrounding the deregulation of public services and networks. It assists local authorities on implementing local government law.

LUSSAN also advises and defends both private companies and public bodies, and is frequently asked to assist French and foreign law firms on public sector issues.

The Public Sector Law Department is also involved in restructuring the global energy industry, particularly on behalf of the World Bank.

LUSSAN has extensive experience on issues relating to the environment, health and safety, which it shares with both French and foreign companies. The law firm works particularly on air pollution and site, soil contamination and waste management.

It manages the environmental aspects of mergers and acquisitions, particularly by providing environmental due diligence services and drafting, negotiating and implementing warranties in purchase agreements.